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Code Of Conduct

The foundation of WWICS Estates is laid on values and ethics that are comprehensive and contribute to the mutual growth of the nation, the company, its employees and the society as whole.

The company follows a code of conduct in the following:

Commitment to Economic Development of the Nation

The Company shall remain committed in all actions so as to support the economic development of the country. The Company would not undertake any project or activity that is deemed detrimental to the national interest or those that will have unfavorable impact on the cultural and social life. The Company shall conduct all the business affairs keeping in mind the economic development, foreign policies, objectives, and priorities of the nation. In addition, all the efforts of the Company would be undertaken to have a positive contribution to the regional, national, and international levels goals.

Safeguarding the Health and Environment

Safety of the employees and maintaining healthy work environment are of utmost importance to the Company. In order to prevent any wasteful usage of the natural resources and limiting any perilous effects, the Company toils towards working upon the same.

Ethical Standards & Morality

Professionalism, integrity, and honesty along with high moral and ethical standards are followed by all the employees of the Company, including a whole-time director and the managing director. Any deal on behalf of the Company shall be transparent and be perceived the same by any third party.

Underlying Principles for Company Staff

The underlying principles which are at the core of our business morals are integrity, objectivity, team work, and human dignity. All these are underlining factors and are in tune with the HR Philosophy and the Company ensures to strictly adhere to the same, thereby, nurturing fair & trustworthy relationships.

Respect for Labour Laws

The Company follows a stringent policy against child labour and is committed to implement all the provisions of the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986. In order to improve the social situation for children, the Company lays emphasis on working hands-on with the aim of eradicating child labour.

Gender Equality

Irrespective of the caste, color, race, religion, marital status, ancestry, age, sex, disability, nationality, and veteran status of the qualified applicants and employees of the Company, equal opportunities shall be offered to them by the Company. It is with dignity and complete respect that the employees shall be treated in line with the policies of the Company.

Also, to assure that eligible employees get equal opportunity, the Company ensures and oversees that employee policy and practices are adhered to in the most ethical manner. Decisions taken by the Company are absolutely merit-based.

Since WWICS Estates has always been committed to offer gender-friendly work environ and to offer equal work opportunities. It makes sure that that any form of sexual harassment at the work place is prevented, stopped, and redressed. Any form of sexual harassment such as unwanted physical contact, a demand or request for sexual favors; sexually colored remarks; showing pornography and other unwanted physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature is to be reported to the Company at the earliest.

Stringent Disciplinary Actions against Misconduct

Disciplinary actions shall be taken against any employee, contractor, agent or consultant by the Company whose actions are found to have violated the Company policies. Immediate termination/suspension of employment or business relationship at the sole discretion of the Company shall be applicable under disciplinary actions. Irrespective of loss suffered, the Company might pursue its remedies against the entities or individuals responsible. Complete cooperation shall be shown to the appropriate authorities by the Company in case of laws found to have been violated.

Complete responsibility for the implementation and compliance with this code in their professional environment is expected by all the Company employees. Most severe consequences will be faced, including termination of employment given failure of adherence to the code is found.

The employees of the Company are expected to submit a prompt report to the management of the Company about the actual or possible violation of this code. In addition, if any employee becomes aware of any event which could negatively impact the business or reputation of the Company or associate group of the Company, the same is also to be reported at the earliest.

Commitment to Transparency & Withholding Accountability

It is the ultimate responsibility of employees of the Company to ensure that their actions pertaining to business are transparent except when there is a dire need concerning business security. A manager or other authorities shall be involved to ascertain that such transparency is governed and brought through appropriate policies. Every manager will be held responsible for the respective areas of operations and need to voluntarily ensure that their operations are open for audits as and when required.

Accurate and Transparent Financial Reporting

Preparation and maintenance of accounts of the Company shall be true and fair in accordance with the accounting and financial reporting standards. In addition, the generally accepted guiding principles, regulations, and laws of the country in which the Company conducts business affairs shall be complied with.

The entire internal auditing conducted in the Company shall be transparent and would clearly reflect all the business transactions and disposition of assets of the Company.

Any information needed by the auditors of the Company and other authorized parties and government agencies would be made easily accessible. No willful omissions of any company transactions shall be committed by the Company from the books and records.

Willful material misrepresentation or misinformation on the financial accounts and reports shall invite appropriate civil or criminal action under the relevant laws and will be considered as infringement of the code.

Adherence to Regulatory Standards

All applicable laws and regulations of the Company are to be strictly adhered to by every employee of the Company, in spirit and in letter as well, in every territory that he/she operates in. Standards of the code shall prevail incase professional standards mentioned as per the applicable regulations are found not at par.

Protection of the Corporate Assets

Company's assets shall not be misused but employed only for the purpose of conducting business for which they have been procured. These comprise all the tangible assets for example proprietary information, relationship with customers and suppliers etc.

Resolving Conflict of Interest

Every Company employee must in every circumstance avoid situations that involve their personal interest which could be in conflict with that of the Company’s interest. As per the guidelines, any conflict or potential conflict shall necessarily be disclosed to the management for proper guidance and appropriate course of action.

Safeguarding Intellectual Property Policy

It is our supreme responsibility to identify and protect the intellectual properties, trade secrets and other information of confidential nature owned by the Company and the respective clients or associates, since it is extremely important for the success of the organization. Intellectual Property Rights or IPR refers to generally patented or potentially patentable inventions, service marks, trade names, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrightable subject matter. It is our obligation to protect the Company’s IPR and Client IPR at all times.

Neutral Political Alliance

No political party, political campaign or political candidate shall be entertained by the Company in direct or indirect way, for which also no fund or property shall be offered as donation by the Company.

Strict Compliance to Confidentiality

Any confidential information gained in the course of the employment with the Company shall not be disclosed by any employee of the Company for their personal gain or for the benefit of any other individual. Information sharing, formally or informally, by any employee of the Company is strictly barred to the press or to any other media unless specific authorization has been granted for the same.

100% Responsibility & Accountability

All the activities or actions that might harm customers, the system or the reputation of the Company shall be stopped or prevented by the Company’s BOD members and all employees. All the Board of Directors of the Company shall ensure that adherence to ethical and legal standards by the Company are being undertaken.

Legitimate Competitive Practices

Competition in the most legitimate and ethical manner would be undertaken by the Company and the Company will refrain from all anti-competitive and anti-law actions or otherwise contrary to the laws are under the competitive regulations in the market.

Minimal Gifts & Donations Policy

No remuneration or comparable benefits intended or perceived to obtain business or uncompetitive favors of conduct shall be offered or received by the Company or any of its employee. However, nominal gifts customarily given or accepted by employees or the Company that are of commemorative nature for special events are acceptable. Company’s fund or property shall never be offered or given to any government agency or their representatives, whether direct or through an agent, so as to obtain a favorable performance of official duties.

Transparent Selection Suppliers

The suppliers of the Company are solely selected on the basis of merit, price, quality, and performance. Since it is the suppliers who contribute to fetch success to the Company, it is ensured that a supplier-friendly environment is created. Also, the Company makes sure that the suppliers are legitimately and ethically treated to take them in complete confidence. Wherever probable, it is mandated by the Company that only through competitive bid procedures an agreement is finalized with the significant supplier. Coercion of suppliers in any form shall not be pardonable under any circumstance by any Company employee, agent, or contractor.

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