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Real Estate Market in India

Commitment to Economic Development of the Nation

Like many other parts of the world, India is also experiencing a boom in the real estate sector. Apart from the metropolis like Mumbai or Delhi, smaller cities such as Chandigarh, Pune and many more are also experiencing the similar trend. This growth can be attributed to favorable demographics, increasing purchasing power, existence of consumer-friendly banks & housing finance companies, and favorable reforms as initiated by the government to attract investors from across the globe. Two influential factors affecting the estate sector in India are Growing Market Demand & Greater availability of information. Other factors that have made a positive impact on the estate scenario in India are rise in disposable income, increasing demand for quality residential real estate, relaxation of legal rulings and processes by the governing bodies, encouraging investments in real estate and improvement in infrastructure facilities.

Why should NRI's invest in India?

Every Non-Residential Indian who wishes to make investments and own quality spaces in India must consider the momentum of the growth in the estate sector in India. The Indian real estate sector promises to be a lucrative destination for foreign investors. Given that the real estate markets mature in India, infusion of foreign investment and adoption of international best practices by real estate players would probably be seen.

Why investing in WWICS Estates project is a winning deal?

WWICS Estates Pvt. Ltd. is one of the promising realty developers of North India, striving to offer complete infrastructure and development solutions of the international standards. The projects are coming up at some of the prime locations such as Mohali, Kurali, Dagshai, and more. With planned infrastructure and world-class amenities, projects undertaken by WWICS Estates are sure to ā€˜Enliven Your Realty Dreams.ā€™

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